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title. Without fear

date. 2010-2014

category. Redesign Logo

description. In order to redefine a descending brand and give directions to their company services, I chose the historical sports wear brand, FILA, and tried to expand its definition based on the original spirit. I hope the public can see this redefined brand as not only a sports gear business, but also as an image of self-challenging and limit–pushing. The “NEW FILA” has become a consulting company helping the customers to set up and arrange any challenging sport activities they can think of, including all the gears and any insurance. In order to connect to the new definition of the brand, in the logo I used a triangle shape in the character to express “SKY IS THE LIMIT”, and colors of green and yellow were used to associate to outdoor activities and sunshine. In general, the whole design is filled with bold colored triangle–shaped blocks to immediately show the NEW FILA’s passion to their customers.

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