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title. SPortal App

date. 2019

category. Logo/ App UI design

description. This app is designed for secure web browsing. The entire app is easy to use, allowing users to access secure browsing pages via QR code or URL. The interface is simple and the steps are straightforward, enabling users to quickly understand and intuitively navigate the app. Key buttons are highlighted with distinct colors for easy recognition. The logo design is inspired by symbols of security, such as a shield and a key, reflecting the app's functionality and ensuring easy identification.


這是一款專注於安全防護的網頁瀏覽App。整個App操作簡便,用戶可以通過QR Code或網址在App的安全瀏覽頁面上進行操作。介面設計簡潔,操作步驟簡單,使用戶能快速理解並直觀操作。關鍵按鈕使用明顯的色系,便於用戶識別。標誌設計以象徵安全的盾牌和鑰匙為靈感,既符合App的功能,又易於辨認。

Image by Max Harlynking
main fill.png
Luanch screen.png
main more list.png

Inspired by the imagery of a shield and key, the design perfectly aligns with the theme of the app. The shield symbolizes security and protection, while the key represents access and unlocking capabilities, effectively reflecting the core functions of the app. The overall visual and imagery are clean and clear, with the logo colors utilizing contrasting bright tones to stand out prominently. 




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