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title. Catino App .Book rank event

date. 2019-2020

category. UXUI design

descriptionThe Catino app's voting booklist event website boasts a streamlined single-page interface, emphasizing voting themes, prize details, and interactive gaming elements. Its design harmonizes with the app's color scheme, enhanced by whimsical hand-drawn illustrations for a playful vibe. The voting process is intuitive, categorized by booklist types, while a dynamic prize-winning spinning wheel adds an engaging touch. With simplified steps, participants can easily join the voting activities with just a click. 


Catino app的投票書單活動網站,簡易一頁式的網頁介面,其設計突出投票主題以及中獎的資訊和遊戲活動,使用和app同色系搭配,並配合手繪插圖增添活潑感。用直觀書單的類型進行投票的分類,抽獎轉盤形式營造出活動遊戲互動環節,投票步驟精簡不複雜,一鍵步驟即可參與投票活動。

Image by mymind